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Are You Looking For The Real Master Cleanse Instructions? I'll Give You The Exact Step-By-Step Master Cleanse Recipe PLUS

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• The exact, step by step Master Cleanse Recipe to use and in what quantities. Some sites tell you it’s ok to skimp on certain ingredients. Learn the real scoop here.
• The real reason the Master Cleanse diet was created and how certain toxins stored in your organs are causing you to feel bloated and keep on weight ( Learn this and you'll have your friends wondering where that new smile and glowing skin came from!)
• Where all of the contaminated air we breathe, polluted water we drink and chemical rich food we eat goes and why our natural elimination process simply does not work (Here's where the Master Cleanse diet gets really good...)
• The true "one-two punch!" How to use the Master Cleanse Recipe to eliminate disease symptoms AND make yourself look and feel incredible (Here's how you skyrocket your health to never before seen levels!)
• What separates the Master Cleanse from other similar programs and why it's safe (compared to other fasting programs which could kill you)
• How to survive the salt water flush
• Is Grade B Maple Syrup really necessary?
• Much, much more! Too much to include here.
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